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Theatre of the Oppressed through Multimedia Lens.- Activity 3 Seminar



Blog from Participants. Seminar “Bridges of Inclusion”

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“Theatre of the oppressed Through Multimedia Lens”


Theatre of the Oppressed through Multimedia Lens is a capacity building project under Erasmus +programme which aim to involve 8 youth organizations from Western Balkan and EU which work in inclusion field through the empowerment and support of youth workers with effective tools in multimedia and theatre of the oppressed techniques adding quality to youth work in local and international level.

*To raise understanding of important concepts on social exclusion, promote inclusion among youth  workers/activists and propose effective solutions.
*To use concrete tools like multimedia and theatre of the oppressed techniques as a response for taking
action from youngsters and assuring social inclusion in local community level.
*To share best experiences and effective strategies in long term perspective among youth workers focused on social inclusion, multimedia, art and theatre topics
*To promote Erasmus +(Youth) programme as a
powerful tool for promoting young people inclusion and peer to peer education
*To continue our consortium cooperation and develop further our expertise enriching our experience with applications of new tools, strategies and intervention while working with youngsters with fewer opportunities.


Intercultural evening in Pogradec

Intercultural evening is event in which everybody presents its country.

Among this program every participant has the opportunity to learn more about the culture of other participants.At first we have night with three countries.Serbia, United Kingdom and Romania

Serbian participants represent the country with traditional dance, Serbian meet and drink (Rakia)

After this it was great pleasure and fun to listen more stories about United Kingdom.

The last in this day Romania they share some stories about Romanian people.

We tasted  chocolates and drinks, the Romanian drink is the similar to Serbian (Rakia )but little too soft.

Second intercultural night Albania, Turkey and Italy were representing them countries. Albania is hosting this project and they were prepared well. We saw some video about Albania after that we tasted everything.

This second night was ,rich’’ . After Albania we saw some great video about Sardinia. We like it a lot. People from Sardinia prepare the most delicious chees.

Cheese was prepared in home conditions.

Macedonia and Kosovo was last in this work project.We chose to present with guys from Kosovo.




Art in Pogradec through youth exchange


Pogradec, an Albanian city on the Ohrid lake, is a place where you can experience a little part of Balcanic art. The best way to enter in contact with the art in this city is through youth exchange.



The first thing that you can see are the mosaics on the road to Pogradec, bright and colorful, representing symbols of hope, luck, nature etc.

One of the tasks that you are going to get in a youth exchange is treasure hunt; in that way you can explore the most interesting parts of Pogradec that are waiting to be discovered by you. You can see the church, the mosque and if you are walking next to the beach there are a lot of beautiful statues which you can see, for example Lasgush Poradeci who was a writer born in Pogradec. There are a lot of streets in Pogradec with nice caffes and restaurants but the most interesting one is the European street; if you look at the floor you can see plates with names of the most important people of the world. The youth exchange can give you the opportunity to explore not only the city where you are, but also to learn something about tradition and culture of the other participant countries through intercultural evenings. You will discover a lot of different  dishes, drinks, music, dances, history and you can hang out and have fun with new friends that you have met.

There is not only the physical exploration of the city. Infact, through the theater workshops you can express yourself using what the city can offer to you. You will try different methods in order to learn something more about the main topics of your youth exchange.If you want to try a different kind of adventure apply for some youth exchange like this one because it will change your way of thinking and make you richer.


Sonja Sokolov  Michele Cugusi


Human rights and theatre

Thanks to the organization Youth for Society, here we have the chance to talk about the Human Rights which is one of the most popular subjects and which is the most neglected one at the same time. In addition to the productive activities that we do here, we also enjoy the beautiful atmosphere and nature of Pogradec. Here we have the chance to meet people from different countries, cultures and backgrounds. Working in a international group helps us widen our perspective and get information about how the human rights are approached in the other countries.


The human rights are the comprehensive set of rules that enables people to live in a way that they deserve. Here we mean that all people must have some certain rights such as right to live, freedom of speech, freedom to vote, private ownership rights and so on. However, we must be careful with the definition of freedom because freedom does not give people the right to do whatever they want. One’s freedom is limited with the freedom of the others, no one can violate the freedom of someone else.

Although the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was proclaimed in 1948, even today, after more than 60 years, we still witness that human rights are violated around the world in one way or another. We must admit that we, all the people living on earth, failed at implementing or at helping the implementation of the human rights. Today, we witness that women are forced to marry with the people that they do not want to, that people’s being forced to work many hours by their employers and that people’s being arrested just because they think the opposite of what some authorities think. Therefore, it means that we have a problem here. We should not keep our mouths shut anymore; instead of ignoring the situation until our rights are violated, we must react and encourage people to react together against any kind of human rights violations.

Here in Pogradec, we performed some plays to understand and appreciate the importance of the human rights. In the plays, some of us were the victims and some were the perpetrator of the human rights violations. In the plays in which we acted, we had the opportunity to see the situation from different perspectives and we witnessed the situation from the eyes of either the victims or the perpetrators of the violations. We would like to thank to all people helping us to get together and raise awareness about the human rights and many thanks to Alex for sharing his laptop with me.

Fazil Ahmet Tercan                 Muala Sejfuli                                       Burak Atmaca


OUT WITH THE OLD – IN WITH THE NEW: Are Traditional Values More Important Than Human Rights?


Revolutions happen all of a sudden – they are violent and can take many lives; some of them bring better future. But there are those revolutions that are silent – they last for years, generations and they are not visible by most of the people.

One of the most important revolutions of our time is the fight of establishing human rights as the essential law everywhere. The fight for the human rights is as old as civilization but it got its final shape during the last century when we became more globalized and constantly inovating some new luxurious things to enrich our life. One must come to thinking how is it possible that nowadays when we live in the era of modern technologies where long distances are connected with the internet, where you take for granted every single thing there are a lot of people who wake up every day fearing for their own existance.

There are so many places, so many stories about the unability to practice the basic human rights one is granted since the first breathe made on this world but there is one part of the world where tradtitional values are the ones not allowing a lot of people to feel safe, loved and most of all, to simply be human beings. Recently, those countries of proud people started opening themselves towards the west and started using the term „human rights“, but sadly they are so far away from saying that they respect the human rights.

Nowadays there are a lot of movements, organizations and societies, both local and international that are raising awareness of human rights and their importance. The aim of those organizations is to educate young people, but in many cases both formal and informal education these young people receive is telling them that some human rights are ‘wrong’. The tradition of some countries is strong, more influential than the human rights or any other law.


These couple of days, young people from Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo, Serbia, Turkey, Romania, Italy and UK gathered in Pogradec, a lovely Albanian city on the Ohrid lake to discuss how theatre can help us in raising awareness of human rights.

When asked about is tradition opposing human rights all of them agreed that traditional values are the ones that are stopping our societies to reach the full respect of the human rights. Bree from Albania and Fazil from Turkey agreed that patriarchal societies in their countries are the ones preventing any progress when it comes to gender equality. Milkica from Macedonia said that people are too afraid even to talk about the human rights violation in the media. Sonja from Serbia thinks that the society is the one who is aware of the violations but simply chooses to look away when the situations happen. Misha from Romania and Artina from Kosovo both agree that it’s not tradition that is opposing but the people and the mentality. Ryan from UK said that when it comes to gender equality men should be more aware of the inequality and try to fix it.IMG_0736.JPG

After hearing all of this, we must come to thinking is it the right time try and shape our new traditional values that will have in the basis all the human rights. It is the responsibility of this generation to create a set of new values and traditions – for the sake of humanity.


Aleksandar Brzaković

Admirim Xhaferi

Vjollca Mustafai

7 days in Pogradec


Pogradec is a city in Albania, situated on the shores of Ohrid lake. With the total population of 61,530 in a total area of 594.77km2. The most common reason why you would visit this city is because of the popular lake with a beautiful view of mountains.


As you enter the town you will see a variety of buildings and people walking up and down the city. As a foreigner you won’tnecessarily know the language, and it might seem difficult at first but eventually you will find someone who speaks a language you understand such as English. Since there is a different currency of this country, you will need to find a bank or ATM to exchange your money because shops and coffee places won’t accept different currency unless you have euros.


In this decade we are all involved in our internet technology and sooner or later we are desperate for the internet connection. Fortunately most hotels and restaurants in the city have Wi-Fi connection where you can sit and enjoy your coffee or tea and connect with people back home and you can use this time also to share your experience or pictures you have taken and post them on your social media network.


In this time of year which is March 2016, it is wet and cold but it doesn’t interfere with your daily experiences in the town, you can still enjoy your time by the lake. However during the summer this is the most visited place by tourists and is a lot warmer which is why people use the lake to swim.

There are variety of restaurants that you can choose from with different types of traditional food and common food. From our experience the most common place we have visited is the Pizza place called Te-babo Pizza restaurant as the food is fresh and delicious. There are also many hotels which are unexpansive and look appealing.


People around the area are very helpful and kind to tourists even though they don’t speak English fluently they still try to make you feel home and accepted.

These are some of many reasons why you should consider visiting this beautiful and peaceful city.



By: Mina, Edona, Kiril, Hakan, Sinan, Maria and Stasha xx

Team Media

IMG_4551.JPGOur group is composed of 5 members from all around Europe. The beginning wasn’t easy for us as we had choose the topic of the project and we had many ideas. After a long discussion, we finally chose to work on something that is a very common in today’s society. Media, this is because media is the strongest way to communicate to the world however it was also something different compared to the other groups. So here we decided to base our video on color and religion by using the Paris and Ankara attacks. We had a very good collaboration between all of us in the group and we decided to divide each task into 3 small groups so that two members of the team could choose which quotes to use in the video,two others would prepare the photos and videos that we needed and the last team was in charge of the rest of the material.

The collaboration was great so everything went fast and without any real issue. We edited the videos and photos of the attacks in both countries on the first day,but we just needed 3 people to add some comments regarding the issue. The next day we started to record the comments and add them in our video followed by downloading the sound effects and music. Throughout this editing process the rest of the group helped with the report and with the summary and we finally agreed that the video was exactly the way we planned it.


During these two days of work, we learnt a lot about media, editing and the very interesting importance of all the process of mixing together photos, videos and music.We are very pleased with the outcome of the video as it gives the message we were hoping to spread.


Mina, Blertan, Mikela, Kiril, Marija and Muhamet.

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